Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm veklempt

I'm not even sure if I spelled that right- the big boy started at his new school today. He is nine and it isn't like he hasn't been going to school prior to this. Jake started at his new public school today. For the last six years he has been at a small (less than 30 kids total in the school) private Montessori school. He had the same teacher for most of those six years.

It is hard to let go of the special school he has been with and let him go to the public school. I know he will be fine, and I'm having a hard time not letting mt trepidation show. We seriously agonized over home schooling this summer. Between my crazy schedule and Tim's adjunct teaching schedule, it just couldn't work out at this point. So, we had to make this decision. He will be fine, I have to trust that I have raised a strong, smart kid who can deal with new situations and will be stronger for this experience.

I realized how sheltered he was at a point earlier this year, we went to McDonalds and Jake was really having a problem with going to the counter to order a McFlurry. So, I have been making a point to have him make phone calls to grandma or friends and talk or to pay for his purchases at Target. He is old enough to begin interacting with the world more fully.

Yes, he will be fine and he will make friends- all will be well- that is what I keep telling myself anyway.


Luzymay said...

You are a little veklempt? I must laugh about all the German words like Zeitgeist, angst and now: veklempt. But the right word in German is verklemmt.

That means someone is a little bit prudish, don't want to talk about his own or others sexuality. Or if someone tells a joke with sexual content, then the one who is verklemmt, gets red ears and looks bashfully to the ground. It is from einklemmen=pinch.

May said...

And now I read most of Americans write verklempt. That`s better than veklempt. In Google history there are only 1650 results for veklempt and over 53.000 for verklempt. But you have to change that to verklemmt! :-)