Monday, January 29, 2007

Etsy store

I finally posted some of the roving we have laying around to my Etsy store. Check them out if you like. There are a few I priced high, as I don't really want to part with them, but if they go, so be it.

I've been working on quite a few projects, Jake got a hat made from Panache from KnitPicks in Cranberry, Tim got one made of homespun and I have been working on A cardigan for Arwen from the Interweave Knits Winter 2006 for me. I bought the yarn last May from Stephanie when she had her fire sale. it is BaabaaJoes woolpacks in the 10 and color is forest green. I really like how it is coming out.

The back is done and I am 2/3 done on one front/sleeve. This pattern is really fun, the cableing isn't too extensive, yet the pattern is intresting enought to keep me awake. The back nearly killed me with the stockineet, but I did it first knowing I would never get it done if I did the fronts first. I know there are several knitalongs for this, but I can't face another swap/Kal etc yet.

I need to finish and send off my SP9 package, but I will probably miss the 31st deadline. I'm almost there. I did get the Sock-ret thing done at long last.

New year, new stuff

I have a lot of things to say thank you for...

First, to Fyberduck who sent me this neckwarmer as a thank you to my pay it forward gift last Fall. The purple/blue was yarn she intended to use in the One skein swap and something unfortunate happened to it, so she sent something else. After saving what she could, she sent me this. It is a bit too small to fit my fat neck, so I am working on taking the skein she sent me in the summer and reworking it into a scarf.

And my SP9 pal, revealed herself with this package
It is a great felted bag that she handdyed the wool and knit. It has the cute little side bag that is felted onto one of the handles. My kids tried to claim it, but I finally got it away from them. it is a perfect size for my smaller WIP's that I carry to work. And just in time, I was teased the other day for using ziplocs to carry all of my projects. I Thanks you Margareth from Austria!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What happened?

What happened to winter? i worked all summer on new things to wear and now it barely goes below 40 degrees? Well today we got down to 34- I got to wear my new pink coronet hat from knitty. I've also been wearing my fingerless mitts that Fyberduck sent me-they are great for this in between weather.

I've been walking- a lot lately, I did the Univeristy loop twice last week (3 miles for a loop) and did another 1.5 on another day- I also did the loop again today. With this weather, I feel like I have to get out and I am feeling better. I think my favorite thing thsi week is my IRiver. I loaded a whole bunch of old 80 & 90 music and put it in a playlist, so now I can walk to Come baby come and We are the champions when i walk- when that gets old I can listen to knitting podcasts.

I'm taking a class, Presentation Skills here at school. My boss is teaching it, but i am enjoying being in the classroom again. I keep thinking about the PhD, but can't really do anything until the kids are older. It isn't about the work, its about the time to do the work.

On the knitting side, I am working on my sock-ret pal socks- they are nearly there. They are out of Knitpicks gloss and to say this yearn is fairly inexpensive, it is pretty nice. I also started a new cardigan for me, A Cardigan for Arwen from the Fall or Winter 2006 Interweave. I'm about 10 inches done on the back boring square. I'm using some old Baabaa Joes woolpacks I bought at Stephanie's fire sale last summer. I have a tom of this yarn and got it super cheap. I'm attemptiong to knit everything from my stash this year. Not sure how it will go, but I'm trying. So far so good.