Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things are good- really I mean it- good

It really funny as i look back over the past few years how things change- we sold the mill, I start a weird little yarn company that is actually successful in its own way-

We were mentioned in the Daily Chum Today- so I hope to leave work early today and get more yarns loaded. I'm getting more customers, and to my eternal thankfulness, repeat customers. Things are really good- so I hate to complain, but

in the real life, my assistant is leaving me mid semester. This isn't totally unwelcome news. The relationship has certainly been in deterioration mode over the past few months and now she seems to be brain dead currently.

That plus the fact that I started on my PhD last semester have left me with little time- I love to dye, I love to knit, but when did life get so complicated? We had a knit-out last Sunday that I was determined to go to- I stopped going to the guild meetings, there just is no time, but this was a must, I wanted to be there. So of course, Jake begins throwing up at 10 am that morning and Daddy is gone- He id get home and Nate and I went, but again I saw the opportunity to do what I wanted and really needed to do for me slipping away. It worked out, I'm fine and no longer a raving lunatic and I actually sat and knit for about an hour last night, so I was talked down from the ledge-

Thanks for listening-

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yarny Goodness

Wow, Yarny Goodness is up and running! Go visit there now-

Monday, February 04, 2008

Just got the news!

I just heard that I have been chosen to be in Lime & Violet's Daily Chum this week! I have so many yarns to photograph and put up- new ones too- there just isn't enough time!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

just got the word...

I just heard from Yarn Goddess that her new store Yarny Goodness will be opening on Feb 7th. Pam from Yarny Goodness is selling Ancient Threads yarns for me and I'm really excited to have been added to her impressive list of indy suppliers.

As soon as I get the URL I will add it to the blog.

Now onto the knitting- remember a few days a go I was going to work on the diagonal ribbed sweater from knitpicks, well i could never get past the first 2 rows- maybe it was me, but it just made little sense. I done quite a bit of knitting in my day and followed a few quite complicated patterns, but this one was beyond me. So, I have moved in a new directions and it is going along well- Syncopated Ribs from the Fall 04 Interweave knits, here is photo from lollyknits flickr- I can't find it on the Interweave site any longer. I;'m not too far along, but it is going really well- it helps that they are knit on size 10- I was thinking that the fabric would be too holey and revealing, but it looks just fine. The swatch looks great post washing and drying.

It strange, I used to love these Addi Turbo needles, then I tried the knitpicks one and I far prefer them, the tips are pointy and they even seem smoother than the Addi's- also the cord is superior, more flimsy, but that isn't a bad thing, the Addi's seem stiff and unyielding now. I think I need to order another set of the wooden ones in size 10.

and the usual pair of socks- I'm making the heel flap on this one, the other one's flap is done. When I knit two on two circulars, I can;t figure out how to knit them at the same time for turning the heels. I just can't get that information in my brain, so I do then separately until all the decreases are done after the heel, then I knit the feet all at one.

Friday, February 01, 2008

New yarns!

I just put in a big order for some new stuff from the distributor! So excited! I reordered some of the original DK merino/silk I had a Rhinebeck. i only had about 10 skeins there and it sold ok- not great but ok. I know there was some fear that the shorter yardage wouldn't make a pair of socks. I then knit a pair for the boss for Xmas and I had plenty left over. I also got back in some of the superwash and nylon that went well and the merino lace. (different supplier for those)

So that is coming back for a limited run- I also ordered some worsted weight, really for me, but I'll share if there is any left. I ordered 3000 yards of Andee, a worsted alpaca/ merino blend I think. i have been thinking lately about a naturally dyed sweater for Rhinebeck next year to show off the colors and see how it goes. Now I just have to decide on the colors, pinks or reds- I'm thinking of a red/brown/orange mix for fall- leaf colors. And I'm thinking about this pattern- Eve from magknits with a different neckline. Or this Rossnyev
or there was another I found in purples and ruffle edge I liked, but can't find at the moment-

And I bought some merino roving to try out- I can spin, I have a wheel, but have always avoided merino for some odd reason (like I have 17 sheep in the backyard and they are all Shetlands or soays? plus I have a billion lbs of Shetland to use up at some stage and no time to spin?)

Anyway, I was gifted some merino last year in a swap and finally spun it up and had a great time, I also bought some from Spunky Eclectic last year at MA sheep and wool. Still have not spun it yet, but I look at it often.

Well we are supposed to be getting a massive ice storm tonight, so Friday night class is canceled, so maybe I can get my reading and paper done for Monday and actually have some fiber fun this weekend? Oh, but then there is always dyeing to do as well-