Friday, February 01, 2008

New yarns!

I just put in a big order for some new stuff from the distributor! So excited! I reordered some of the original DK merino/silk I had a Rhinebeck. i only had about 10 skeins there and it sold ok- not great but ok. I know there was some fear that the shorter yardage wouldn't make a pair of socks. I then knit a pair for the boss for Xmas and I had plenty left over. I also got back in some of the superwash and nylon that went well and the merino lace. (different supplier for those)

So that is coming back for a limited run- I also ordered some worsted weight, really for me, but I'll share if there is any left. I ordered 3000 yards of Andee, a worsted alpaca/ merino blend I think. i have been thinking lately about a naturally dyed sweater for Rhinebeck next year to show off the colors and see how it goes. Now I just have to decide on the colors, pinks or reds- I'm thinking of a red/brown/orange mix for fall- leaf colors. And I'm thinking about this pattern- Eve from magknits with a different neckline. Or this Rossnyev
or there was another I found in purples and ruffle edge I liked, but can't find at the moment-

And I bought some merino roving to try out- I can spin, I have a wheel, but have always avoided merino for some odd reason (like I have 17 sheep in the backyard and they are all Shetlands or soays? plus I have a billion lbs of Shetland to use up at some stage and no time to spin?)

Anyway, I was gifted some merino last year in a swap and finally spun it up and had a great time, I also bought some from Spunky Eclectic last year at MA sheep and wool. Still have not spun it yet, but I look at it often.

Well we are supposed to be getting a massive ice storm tonight, so Friday night class is canceled, so maybe I can get my reading and paper done for Monday and actually have some fiber fun this weekend? Oh, but then there is always dyeing to do as well-

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