Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It was June- are you sure it was June?

The last time I posted was wayyyyy back in June- I really don't think it has been that long. But since it took me twenty minutes to convince Google I was who I said I was and remember my freaking password, maybe it has been since June.

Well, I did it, moved to Syracuse. I have my own apartment, my own space for the stash and my own tv to watch and enjoy. Things are going.... not great, not bad but going. It is really weird to be away from home every night. It's like when I traveled a lot when doing sales, you are away in a hotel and everything is surreal. You hear about the issues at home but are helpless to do anything about them.

I also thought I would have soooooo much time for knitting. Well, I do have more time for knitting, I just don't have much ambition to get any done. I did notice last week when things got cooler for a few days I really worked diligently on a sweater I'm making.

This was going to be called Rhinebeck and I dyed the yarn hoping to make some Fall leaf colors, dark rich oranges, and reds with some yellows and browns added in. Well It is more of a tomato orange with some great reds. I like it, but with much of my natural dyeing, the results can be unpredictable. It has a ruffled edge and I may rename it something else after the A fine fleece book came out and has a nicer pattern named Rhinebeck - a great book by the way, I was quite inspired after reading it. Not enough tobegin spinning again, but they say winters are long in Syracuse.

I'm hoping as the weather gets cooler, my knitting mojo returns. Otherwise, I have to force myself to get motivated. Next week I start traveling for work, so in the space of three weeks I hit
Toronto, Boston, Washington dc, NYC, Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle then home for the weekend, then Houston, Atlanta, Miami, home again then , Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, followed up with a quick trip to Dallas for a conference.
I have to figure out what knitting to bring with me, lots of socks I think. It will be a good time to burn thru some of the sock yarn stash that has built up.

Speaking of sock yarn, I have a pile of yarn waiting to be labeled and sent to Cherry Tree Hill. My yarn is now being carried by Yarnmarket as well! Whoo-hoo- this is a great part time job, when you are lonely for home and have no money to spend so have to stay home. Don't worry, itlooks much neater when it is twisted into skeins and labelled. Thanks to my big sister Eileen who came last week and learned how to dye yarn to help me keep up.
I've had to send my regrets to Rhinebeck for this year, I just can't get anymore dyeing done in time. With my planned travel, I am home, in Albany or Syracuse only 10 days between next Saturday and when Rhinebeck starts.

If anyone is looking for cones of undyed yarn, let me know, I have bamboo/merino sock yarn, sport weight, lace weight and some worsted weight I can sell for cheap. Not much merino superwash left, there are some severe shortages of that going arounf this year.

Talk to you soon,