Friday, June 08, 2007

gratitous sock photos

Yes I have been knitting, no it has not been exciting-

Roza's Socks in Cherry Tree Hill- wild cherry

I also finished a pair of plain stockinette sock sout of my natural handdyed- it would be nice to have a photo, but that is just too much to ask in one post- to be organized that much?

I'm also making the Lutea Lace Shoulder shell from summer 07. I need to add something to the sleeves to make them more sleeve like. I have quite a few balls of Rowan Cotton rope I bought for a song last spring, so I ma using that and hope I have enough. I was going to send this yarn off to charity and then saved it, so it would be nice to do something useful with it.

We leave for Dublin in just 5 weeks from today. I feel like I am so behind, but I think I am actually in better shape today than I was at this time last year.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I've been having inspiration problems lately. All I want to do is cast on something new, when I have so many things undone. Two pairs of socks are here unfinished, a Roza's in Cherry Tree Hill Wild Cherry, and just a plain old sock in my own naturally dyed. Both have one sock completed. (the natural sock 2nd is almost finished, but it is taking forever)

I have my clapotis done with the silk from Argentina, but I wasn't happy with it. The clap pattern is fine, but the yarn is too bulky so I need to rework the stitch count, or I will run out of yarn. Also, my assistant was rooting around in my knitting bag looking for a magazine to read and she dropped a ton od stitches off the needle. sigh... I think it is a firing offense, but others disagree.

And, I am working on the refined raglan from Winter 06 IK. This issue was by far my favorite in a long time, and I plan on making many things from it.

So, I did some spinning. I pulled out some Merino and was working on very fine spinning. It was quite refreshing to do something new and work on a new fiber for me. I was really pleased with hoiw it came out.

I have been reading "Knitting for Peace" by Betty Christiansen and I got inspired to do some more charity knitting so I cranked out a pair of mittens in a night while watching the national spelling bee. I also got in contact with a friend with the idea of beginning a charity knitting group with some of the kids in the area. I have taught many of the kids at Morningstar how to knit, so why not keep it going over the summer? We need to work out the details... but more to come.