Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cabled Socks

I finally remembered to take photos of my cabeled socks and then remembered to bring the camera in. These are cabeled socks from the Spin Off Socks books. I used our shades roving, split it in half lengthwise and spun each half separetly. I then knit the socks as singles toe-up. I'm really pleased with how they came out.

I'll have them with me in out tent at all of our Spring shows, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massacusetts.

I'm really looking forward to show season this year.

Tim roo'ed the Soay sheep this past week and it is incredibly fine- I'm looking forward to spinning some of that soon! The weather has been so beautiful lately, I've been trying to get out of the house more. The boys and I have begun geocaching and have been pretty sucessful at getting the cache. Here they are with their first find.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Kids crafts class

I should have mentioned it earlier-  the fiber arts thing with the kids has been going really well.  I like going in each week-  I just wish I had more than an hour with them.  It has taken some time, but some of the kids have gravitated to spinning, other to weaving, some knitting and some crocheting.  I have opted several weeks not to assign them anything and they get to choose what to work on.  I love to see them all excited and want to take their work home.  
Now once there I doubt they work on it, but at least I gave them a start, and they may remember later some of the steps to create it again.  

Well I finally broke

Well, I finally broke down and bought myself an Ipod, (or a cheaper variation of an Ipod) so that led to me now listening to Podcasts of all of these knitting shows.  So, of course I again had the idea of trying to keep up with a blog.  I want to be part of a community, I just lack time.  

I loved going to knitting guild on the third Monday of every month, until I realized that the hour drive was cutting into knitting time.  That and I was too lazy to leave the house once I was in it.  So, I will try the blog thing again.  I’ actually joining the one-skein secret pal list, so I will attempt to let people know what is happening in my life.