Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rather than Study

So I mentioned 10 minutes ago that I have two midterms left and I would rather do anything than study, so I thought I would procrastinate a little longer and tell you about the new household experiment we have started this week.

Inspired by Stanley Family at, we too are going to Eat from the Pantry/freezer for March.

Our Pantry-  only a portion of the stockpile!
I have been stockpiling since last October and the grocery bills have been going down, but we still spend too much at the market and the pantry shelves keep getting fuller and fuller.

So, other than fresh produce and dairy (and coffee*) I can't purchase anything at the market.  I'm trying to keep the monthly grocery budget to $50.

So, I need to come up with some recipes that use what is in the pantry-  a new one to try this week
I'm not sure what the kids will think, but they can stand a shake-up once in a while and stop being so picky.  

*We are almost out of decent coffee and that is a staple I refuse to live without.  All I have left is one bag of the Eight o'Clock bogo coffee I got last Fall, Eight o'Clock is not my favorite, so I usually mix it with my favorite Green Mountain Dark Magic Espresso.  That makes it drinkable, and helps the Green Mountain go further.

I do have a couple of loopholes,
1.  if there are freebies this week at Price Chopper that I can get, so if it is free/nearly free I can purchase those.  What I will need in dairy/produce should help cover the 50% I need to get the double coupons, so we spend enough at the market.
2.  I can still get the papers as needed. 
3.  Over the weekend it was my Mom's birthday and she likes Carvel ice cream cake, so I went ahead a bought one of those ($18.99!!!!).  She is worth it and I can't make those chocolate crunchies like they can.  So that doesn't come out of my budget as it is a special occasion purchase and happened before I decided to do this anyway.

Midterms Already!

I can't believe we are at midterms already for this semester.  I guess that means the job hunts really needs to get kicked into gear!

Met with Deirdre yesterday and she gave me some great ideas, and she will be sending my resume onto some people she knows.  I would still like to work at the University again, but I'm not sure that opportunity will ever come through with the NYS budget situation.

Two exams down (both A's!!!!!!!   -  even in Intermediate Acct II!!!!!!!) and two to go this week.  And this proctoring has got to stop, what a waste of time watching undergrads taking exams in huge rooms-  I understand the need for proctors but why do they need so many of us?  3 people to watch 30 kids, really?