Tuesday, November 13, 2007

visit to PA

We (the kids and I) went to PA to visit my sister for the weekend- we had a really nice time, the drive was long, but it was nice to be away, no housework to get done and let someone else be in charge.

I got a ton done on the refined raglan- the end is in sight

the lace on the sleeve decreases is looking pretty good, but I think the yarn color is going to obscure it a bit-

I'm planning on taking the kids to NYC the weekend after Thanksgiving. We all have time and it worked out with a place to stay for free. The train is even pretty cheap, so the kids will get to see the city all decked out for the holidays. They have never been, and its been a long time since I've been as well.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fiber Cult

I was driving to work today and heard Ancient Threads on the Rhinebeck recap episode of Fiber Cult

This isn't a podcast I have been a regular listener to, but they are up to 9 episodes already. As I listen in the car, I have problems with hearing all of their voices, and figuring out who is who.

Thank you FiberCult, hope you enjoy the yarn.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Yarns on Etsy

I got a big shipment of yarn in last week, got some dyed over the weekend and have updated ETSY.

I picked most of the black walnuts at my parents farm in Easton. I'm shocked at how much dye is in one hull- I just loaded all of them into a 5 gallon bucket, filled it with water to cover the hulls and let them sit and stew in the basement. When I want some I just strain it off the top and then filter it with a coffee filter. I love the browns I'm getting with it- very different than the chestnut, quebracho browns, these seem softer.

We got a new ram this weekend also- his name is Edsel, and he is a 7 year old Soay ram. The girls (the ewes) seem very interested.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Good Knitting- no photos

I cleaned up the fiber corner on Friday and threw out three bags full of junk. Most of this was stuff from teaching the kids. i come home and generally throw what is left over in the corner and then never look at it again. So, I had tons of acrylic yarn, glue bits, half made projects and satin cord with beads in a ton of bags. I organized, saw what i had and tossed quite a bit. I know know what I have for the rest of the year.

I then organized the UFO's, found a scarf that only needed a few hours work took it with me to work and finished it before going bowling with JA on Friday night- I ended up earning $160 in donations!

Saturday I got new tires on the car and had three hours of uninterrupted knitting time. I finished the second sleeve for refined raglan and have now attached the sleeves and I'm getting to the yoke bits. I still like this pattern.

Sunday, I did more dyeing- so the Etsy page should be updated as soon as I can get it skeined up. I used to have Logwood purple as my favorite dye, but I think that has been replaced with black walnut- so look for browns, purples and of course pink.