Monday, November 01, 2010


It has been a busy summer and already we are into Fall! November 1 no less. Tim is saying that it is winter already, I'm not buying into it, but it is cold out today. I wore my Arwen cardi and a mohair scarf and I'm still cold.

I'm back to school full time, studying Forensic Accounting, it has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. So while I am loving being back in school, and I really do enjoy the classes, the work is all consuming sometimes. I have three major projects due in less than three weeks, so I really need to get going and get some work done.

I hope to graduate in May, get a job and then I take the CPA exam in another year.
So, knitting is happening as it happens, some days more than others.

Things I'm working onThe Cloisonne Cardigan made in the same colors as the Interweave one but I went cheap and bought knitpicks yarn instead. I couldn't picture wearing alpaca in colorwork, it would just be too warm
In addition, I tried to do the colorwork as the pattern said, but gave up in frustration - I ripped it out and re-knit it with a steek. I can understand why Interweave may not want to use a pattern with a steek, but seriously who can stand to do that colorwork while purling! Ridiculous, it would be a great opportunity to teach people about steeks. They are easy to do and simple to work with.
I'm past the colorwork and now working up to the armpits. I made a mistake when setting up for the arms and ended up putting it down for a while.

So, I got bored with that and I started the Lady Eleanor stole yesterday. I had a ton of handspun mohair that a former customer gave us. So, I handdyed with purples, greens and blues and I have all of that to make into something warm and fuzzy. Our house is cold in winter, so last year I dreamed of a warm and snuggly shawl, so this is a good in front of the file project.

I still have to finish two sweaters and get going on Christmas knitting. Oh well.
Dyeing has been going on as well, new yarns should be up on etsy later this week- early next week depending on when I get my corp financial stmt paper done.