Monday, September 18, 2006

Back to Normal- or what passes for normal

Last week was not a good week- I ended up getting sick and then having to run the kids around because they too were ill- Let's hope things will get back to what passes for normal soon-

So, my one skein swap partner gifted me with a great pay it forward gift. I took a photo and left the camera at home- but it is some hand-dyed merino and beads to spin some beaded yarn- I can't wait to get started!

In other news, I begin teaching fiber arts again today at Nate's school. Last year I taught an hour every Tuesday afternoon, this year I have two hours every other Monday. We can certainly use the extra time. it seemed like the kids learned alot, but they never accomplished anything. So with the time we can tackle bigger projects and I can have some time with each kid. We start today with tie-dyeing and finger knitting with big loops. Another thing I learned is the kids need a lot of finger work before they learn how to hold needles. They lack some fine motor control at thier age- 6-9 so we started doing a lot of braiding and other small objects to increase thier finger control.

I have to go back and redo the whole teaching curicullum soon. I went to AC Moore and dropped a bundle on supplies for this next year. One thing I got intop last year was having no idea what I was going to teach that week and rushing to get it all together on Monday nights, or even Tuesday morning. I need to be more organized about it this year.

I also never put anything away last year and I still have bags of materials all over the living/fiber room with kids half finished projects and unopened bags of beads etc. So, I need to take care of that as well- With everyother week, I least I shouldn't have to scramble as much to come up with fun ideas all the time!

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