Monday, August 21, 2006

Dyeing Purple

I spent some time alone this weekend- The kids were with Tim, so I spent some time dyeing sock yarn. I really pleased with the color. It came out as a light to dark periwinkle. First I had to reskein it to a longer length- then soaked it in Synthrapol. I drained it and just covered the yarn with cold water. I was afraid hot would encourage the dye to dissipate too much. This is after 10 minutes of the dye being in the water.

The copper curled thing is the water pipes coming into the washing sink in the fiber mill. Tim designed them, and they work really well.

This is after 30 minutes in the water. I expected the yarn on top of the pipes to suck up the color, but it didn't so I stuck it under water for a minute or so- And here it is hanging on the fence- well this is sideways of course, I couldn;'t get the picture to go the right way- but I'm really happy with the yarn

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