Tuesday, February 15, 2011

went to the market

I went back to Price Chopper yesterday and scored a few things with double coupons

Some types of Ronzoni Pasta was a on sale for $1 a box, I have six coupons for $1 off of 2 boxes so when the coupon doubled they were all free.  I scored 12 free boxes of pasta.  (it will last a long time, we don't eat pasta more than once a week)

The large bottles of Gain were on sale for $2 a bottle, I had 2 $1 off coupons from a P&G mailer, so they were both free. 
Betty Crocker Potatoes (in the box) were also free after the sale and doubled coupons, so I got 4 boxes of those (they also will last  forever, we rarely eat them)

I got a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk for $.25 with a sale and double coupon.  There was more, but I can't remember them all without my receipt in front of me.

I ordered a few coupons from the coupon clipping people, and will go back on Friday to score some more freebies!  For the things that remain after a few months, I will donate to the food pantry in town, so I can make more room in the pantry and keep my stockpile fresh. 

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