Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Madness

I have to say, I'm not much of a sports fan, but when your team is in playoff for the NCAA tournament, I do watch a bit of basketball. Go Orange!

Lately, when I'm not watching basketball, I've been watching old episodes of twin peaks online I remember this show and how creepy it was from the 80's, but I never saw the end, or I don't remember seeing all of it. It is good to bring back the old days.

I was amazed at how much tv is now online, before I moved to the new house in SYR, I thought I had to have cable in order to have anything to watch. But, really all I ended up watching was network tv and HGTV shows. How many house hunters can one girl watch anyway? So, now that I'm moved and I don't have cable, I don't miss it at all. Some nights, like tonight (Wednesday) tv stinks, but I can always find an episode of something on line to watch, or get a movie from hulu.

I think living frugally is beginning to settle on me. Now if I could get the food bills down. I was reading this frugal moms blog about margarine over butter and why she gets margarine. Is margarine that much cheaper that it makes that much of a difference? I buy butter, for me it is like decent yarn, you get what you pay for and butter is worth the sacrifice in my household anyway. I'll give up oreos and orange juice first.


Lupie said...

I watched pennies for many years while bring up my girls. Now as empty nesters and still working we get what we want. Butter it is!

Kathy N said...

I have to agree with the butter versus margarine issue. As long as you do not buy "name brand" butter - it doesn't seem that much more expensive and always worth the better taste.