Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hat re-do

Tim mentioned a while ago he wanted a new hat, so I spun up some of Freya's fleece for him. Freya is an emsket Shetland ewe. Emsket is a grey/blue mix and it tends to be somewhat rare, so she is a special girl.

I spun it fairly fine and then chain plyed it, or navajo plied it into a three ply yarn. So, it became a fairly bulky yarn taht I then knit in a waffle knit hat. Well, it was way too big. I made the mistake of not making the ribbing on a smaller needle, so it streached out, and really didn't keep the hat in his head.

So, I decided to use my steeking skills and do some surgery.

I measured Tim's head and then the hat, measured again, and then cut out about 4 ribs of the hat. At the top, I stopped before cutting thru the tie-off at the top and cut my steeked part off of the center. I was going to graft them togther, but it was really difficult to see the stitches, so I just ended up seaming it up the back, and he wears the seam to the back. Here it is all finished and about 4" smaller-


Shelley said...

Great job on fixing up the hat! I don't think I could ever do anything like that...I'd have to knit one over from scratch.

Lavendersheep said...

That is really pretty yarn. I was wondering which picture was more accurate for the fleece color?

juuli said...

For a while it looked really scary! The outcome is great, though, and I just love-love-love the yarn!