Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Arwen is done!

I'm not ever sure if I ever mentioned I was working on this. Since I am such a bad blogger. I started A Cardigan for Arwn sometine in early-mid Janurary and have been working on her ever since. I'm really pleased with the final sweater. While it is boxy and shapeless- it is a casual cardigan, and I'm good with that- I'm boxy and roundish, so take that into account.

The front shot with grinning idiot with multiple chins partially cut out.

and the back shot of the hood

Yarn: baabaa joes wool packs in Forest - ply was 10 I think. I used about 4 packs of 250 yards each. and I had very little yarn left in the end.

Source: My stash- I bought tons of this yarn last year when Stephanie of Wool N Word had her fire sale last year. It was about $18 for five wool packs, so I have one left in the green and five left in a natural brown. the yarn despite being sold after the firwe didn't smell of smoke at all.

The problem- I don't know what to do next. I have almost nothing on the needles- lets think
Jake's alpaca afghan- yeah right (destined for the frog pond- I discovered I despise feather and fan in this year)
My spiral sweater- also not going to happen- major issues with this one - I wasn't ready to design at the time.
Jake's cashmenre hat- I knot this once and the yarn (panache from Knitpicks) just isn't meant to keep its shape, after three weeks it was about a foot too long and looked like that kid from Fat Albert, you know the one with the hat half way down his face. I ripped it and am reknitting with a strand of merino added.
Jake's scarf- I took some left over Panache and added in a strand of my navajo plied shades and knit them together. The color looks great together.

But, wait Feb is almost over, can i wait to finish all of the cold weather stuff till later- do they really need hats, mittens, and scarves for this time of year?

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dianne said...

the cardigan is beautiful! Love the color and hood!