Monday, November 06, 2006

Sock-ret pal package

Thank you so much- sock-ret pal. I needed those M&Mm's that day! My package actually came last week, but I'm just getting to blog about it know. Last week I was on the road for work everyday but Tuesday, so Tuesday was a major clean up day at work.

So, in general it was a lousy week, followed by a worse weekend, so the bright spot of getting goodies in the mail was a bright spot indeed! I'm at home on dial-up so I'll have to add the phnoto tomorrow

We also got our first snow last week, on the 2nd, most of it is gone now, but it was definately there-

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda, this is your SP9 pal. I sent you a mail on 2. november that I've posted your package. I havent heard anything from you till now - so it's nearly 3 weeks ago. I just wanted to know if the package has arrived.
Your SP9-pal