Thursday, November 30, 2006

Life just gets me sometines

It used to be I came to work and was bored on occassion. I maen like write your own novel type bored. Well that was in a previous job, but even here I occassionaly had a minute to check out blogs or actually update my own.

Used to be things got busy in August and it died out in mid-oct only to get busy again in March. well things are still crazy and it is all of my own fault. I was warned not to do a good job, they just find more for you to do.

Today sucked- really sucked. Last Saturday, I was all set to go to spinning guild- I hadn't been in over a year. I pay the dues and then never go, so I had Tim watch the kids and I was all set to go. Then the car wouldn't start, so I speant all day watching Vanity Fair- the BBC one and knitting on Eileen's socks. So Tim figured out what was wrong with the car, so valve was sticky and said I needed to get a tune up

So I took it in this morning- now I owe them $542 and my ride to the dealership went home sick today

Then I got a call from the school that Nate my youngest threw up at school and I needed to come get him- well no car to go, called the college where Tim works- they don;t know where he is- called MIL, she was all set to go and we finally found Tim

Now I feel sick- $542 for car repairs! just before the credit free christmas? I hope those kids understand why Mommy has nothing under the tree this year. Can I knit more things in just 26 days? I suppose easy fun fur scarves won't make it for all of the neices and nephews will it? Does the dollar store sell anything I can pass off as a real gift?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda, today I've sent the second parcel - hope it will arrive soon! Greetings from your SP9