Thursday, May 16, 2013

Half Marathon...Here I come

Two years ago was the last post I made on my blog.  How a life changes in two years.

I got a job, a very good job just weeks after that last post, and I have been really enjoying the work (and the paychecks!).

The family is good, we bought a property last August and are working to rebuild and restore an older home. It is a lot of work, and is keeping everyone busy in the house.

Tim is still working on his PhD and we hope he will finish in about 18 months.

I started running just over a year ago and ran my first 5k on Fathers Day last year,  I will run the Freihofers Womens 5k on June 1 and I think it will be my 9th or 10th race?  I'll figure out all of them someday, but we have been doing a lot of races.  I signed up for the Hudson Mohawk Half in October and joined a running training program to get trained.  Looking at the schedule, it is pretty daunting.  So, I was thinking of using my blog as a way to track my progress outside of my nike run and talk about my runs.

Now that I can blog using my phone it shouldn't be too hard to keep things up to date.

Tuesday, May 14, run was 2.10 miles at the Crossings in Colonie. My time was pathetic at 37.19, 17.45 per mile.  I walked quite a bit at the end, so that did throw off my splits.   It was painful, not as painful as the Tuesday run I did with Jen that lasted 25 minutes, but it hurt.  I'm hoping as training goes on, this hurting part goes away.  I don't mean that the running itself is painful, it is hard to get going sometimes.  Mentally I keep wanting to stop.

I was looking back at both phone at the Nike app and I ran 100.4 miles with the iphone and 63.10 with the android!  163.50 miles since I started keeping track.  I think that sound impressive.

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