Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas knitting

I've decided not to do much Christmas knitting this year. Last year I knitted 7 gifts for different people ranging from sweaters (Mom) to socks (my MIL, sister and boss) to convertible mittens for all the guys in the family. Out of all that knitting, which took a very long time, I've only seen my sister and the boss wear what i made them.

So, from know on, my knitting is for me and my family with the occasional gift for those who deserve and appreciate it. My boss will get her socks, and my sister has asked for a knitted purse, so they will both get what they want.

In other news, I took the kids to NYC after Thanksgiving and we had a great time- Here they are in FAO Schwartz with the life size Harry Potter figures. I got to go to Habu, and only bought two yarns, a cone of silk for a new scarf and a cone of a green silk for myself, project yet unnamed.

On the drive home from the train station, my car started acting up and once I told Tim, we talked about it and we made the decision to get a new car- so I bought a used Subaru wagon. I think this is the nicest car I've ever owned.

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