Monday, October 22, 2007

Bad swapper, bad blogger, bad driver- decent knitter

July- really July! Has it been that long? Apparently it has- no excuses really, but now that Rhinebeck is come and gone- let's hope time is a little easier to come by.

Rhinebeck was great- thank you to everyone who stopped by the Ancient Threads tent between barns 26 & 27- we had a record breaking show and the hand dyed yarns sold like crazy. I took over 120 skeins and I think about 10 came home.

I will try and get those on Etsy asap- maybe today. The roving all sold really well also- we have a small amount left.
One of the best parts was seeing some of the projects people brought in to show off- made from our fiber
here's one

A beautiful shawl made from mystery roving- I'm sorry I forgot the get the name of the spinner/knitter- please email me if this is yours!

I think the whole experience showed Tim how there is a market here- now he is talking about buying/ making another carder- I have to order more blanks to dye. Back to work tomorrow-


The Woolley Farm said...

Hi there, I bought 4 bags of roving from you yesterday and paid $70 but I've lost my sales slip and I'm not sure how much I paid for which and what the mix was..can you either call me or email me your phone # so I can call you and figure out what I bought? Thanks!

I loved your prices & your colorways. You're my new favorite vendor of Rhinebeck!

Deb Woolley

Anna said...

I got some of your fabulous sock yarn to make one of the knitspot stoles and I am so excited to cast on!!! Beautiful!!

Ancient Threads said...


I will get in contact when I get home later today and can pull out all of the receipts- what colors did you get? It may help narrow down the receipt.