Friday, April 27, 2007

Out of the loop

I feel like I have been out of it for months and months- not checking anyone elses blogs has left me dazed and confused. Welcome to spring in a University! As classes wind down we wind up to get in next year, plan graduation and generally work to get the kids out of here.

Things are also busy at home- we now have six lambs, Out of all the photos here is Megan and Gomer. Megan is the tilted head one- she and Gomer are Soay crosses. Soay are an ancient sheep breed from the St Kilda islands. They are not sheared, but are rooed- you pull the hair out similar to an angora rabbit. I haven't had the opportunity to spin any of it yet, but the fleece is pretty rare and hard to come by. We now have six grown Soays and now 2 lambs that are crosses with Shetland. Tim is trying to get a Shetland cross that roos as well- not sure how is going to work for him.

Knitting- no photos of any ontresting. I'm working on a feather and fan scarf for one of my students wife. She arranged her Mom to bring me wool from Chile last month and I know she went out of her way to do so, so I wanted to do something to say thank you.

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Susan said...

Your lambs are so sweet! Thansk for sharing the photos.