Thursday, March 08, 2007

51 days!

i can't believe I've been 51 days without buying yarn! I've been working really gard at using stash yarns this Spring and it is going pretty weel. To begin with I had a six foot cabinet stuffed full of yarns, plus it was beginning to overload onto the floor in front of the cabinet as well.

The funny thing is I really only had enough in my stash for two sweaters, the rest is all sock yarn, homespun and odd balls I picked up for smaller projects. So, it is dwindling slowly.

Another thing is I took a hard look at all of the ayrns I was keeping as special things, the yarn I bought in Uruguay, what I bought in San Francisco and decided it was time to begin using it. Why do I hold onto these balls of yarn with no projects in mind. So, the Uruguayan yarn became a scarf for Tater, the SF yarn will become a gift.

Lastly, I took a look at all of those odd balls and leftovers and made some hard decisions. I bagged up three large grocery bags and am planning to send it all to a women's halfway house in PA. I certainly can't use it all, or never will and maybe these women can get something out of it. I have the info if anyone is interested.

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Fyberduck said...

yay! congrats :D yarn diets are the hardest kind to maintain, really.