Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sock-ret pal thanks

I revieved my sock-ret pal gift at a great time. It has been a rough week and I really needed those M& M 's Thanks!

Holiday shopping- almost done and out of money
Holiday knitting- getting there,

Mom H's socks- done but ends to be woven in- the pattern is in the sidebar from Funky Knittier Deb-

Mom D's sweater- knitting the button band as we speak- it came out really nice!
Dad's mittens- tops need to be knitted, they need to be felted (my own design)
Grandpa's mittens- on the blocking board
Dad H's mittens- done (completely!)
J's Teacher's hat- done - I really liked the pattern- here is a photo of Nate wearing it and looking like a hoodlum
Linda K's socks- done-
Eileen's socks- done (really a birthday present, but I'll count it anyway)

So, I was finishing up on a pair of mittens this past week and DH said, I really need to buy myself a new hat, mine is too tight and it always feels like it os going to squeeze off the top of my head. He meant his store bought knit hat- I just looked at him. How many millions of hats do I have to knit in front of the guy before he realizes I know what I'm doing? Buy a hat? is he insane. I have a stash that is threatening to take over the living room completly (and would if I had all of fiber in there as well. One advantage of owning a fiber mill, you can sort-of hide your fiber stash admist the bags of wool and no one is the wiser- you just call it "inventory") and he thinks he needs to buy a hat?


Anonymous said...

Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!!!!
Your sp9 pal

building contractors said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda,
I've posted your third and last SP9 package today - so it should arrive in maybe two weeks!
Greetings from your SP9 pal

Anonymous said...

Today is january, 8th.

Ancient Threads said...

Thank you SP9- I love your packages!


Anonymous said...

Hey, there: This is your sockret pal. Glad to hear that my small package was helpful. I've been having a hard time over the last few months so I glad that my little package was a fresh relief during a hard week.