Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One skein swap

I wanted to say think you to my one skein pal- I got my package on Saturday and was really pleased! I think I may save it for myself to make a new winter hat! I made one last year out of some Andean silk I got from KnitPicks, I loved the yarn, but it just didn't have enough wool for memory, the brim got all stretched out and it fell off whenever I tried to shovel the driveway. So I have plans for this ball of yarn.

I shipped my package off to my pal and she did recive it and seemed to like it. Next month's will be sent late, I will be in Buenos Aires for 10 days in the beginning of July, so I hope to hit the yarn stores there and buy a whole new stash for myself. I have an extra suitcase I'm bringing just in case. The exchamge rate is 1USD=3 pesos, so $1=$.33 basically- I can get a lot of yarn- Just need to find it!

Nathan (the youngest son) is knitting Dulann Projects with me. I have two hats and neck warmer done, he is trying to make a scarf. His knitting is really coming along. I have been using all stash yarns for theis knitting, so some of it looks a bit intresting, but it will all be warm.

Jake shows no intrest, but likes to play with the ball winder. We had the fiber arts class visit the farm and the mill for the last fiber arts project of the year. Tim sheared one of the sheep that had been at the school all year, and the kids really enjoyed it.

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